Zynga Power, 6-DGA-Mishuk-220, 12V


Size (Millimeter)
Length Width Height1 Height2
361 171 248 269
Capacity AH@ 6 Hour


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  • Our batteries have a robust grid design with advanced paste chemistry that ensures long life and robust performance.
  • To prevent positive plate corrosion, our batteries have an optimized alloy system that reduces the rate of corrosion.
  • The side vented lid gives the battery an extraordinary spill-proof feature.
  • Above all, metal bottom-anchoring guarantees reliability.
  • Our batteries are always ready; Because the batteries are supplied in factory charged condition.
  • The battery has a quick-charge feature, making it ready to run in no time, no matter how low the discharge level.
  • Along with these robust features and capacity is the Magic Eye for monitoring the electrolyte and state of charge.